The 300 Years of Floors Castle Online Exhibition

Enjoy spending some time in the world of the 1st Duke

2021 marks 300 years since the first stone was laid here at Floors Castle. Though William Adam was the architect, the man responsible for the construction was John Ker, who was created 1st Duke of Roxburghe in 1707. This exhibition has been put together from a series of letters that were written during John Ker’s lifetime. Many of them were from him to his mother, and as such provide a unique window into his world. He lived through a period of great change in Scotland, Britain and indeed Europe. His rise to prominence coincides with the fall of the Catholic monarchy, the rise of Jacobitism and the Glorious Revolution  the War of the Spanish Succession, and the creation of modern Britain through the Union of 1707.

He became a prominent member of the Hanoverian Court, holding a number of high profile posts. He counted Sir Isaac Newton and the Duke of Marlborough as personal friends, and bore witness to the seismic changes that ushered in the purple period of the British Empire.

This exhibition is installed in the basement here at Floors, but for those of you who cannot visit to see it, or for those who simply would like time to read through it at leisure, it is presented here.

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