What’s new in our garden this month?

Spring is a busy time of year in the garden and our dedicated team are working hard in preparation for the season ahead.

We have been catching up with Head Gardener at Floors, Andrew Simmons, who has given an insight into the teams focus for this month. Andrew has also shared his favourite key points of interest to keep an eye out for during your visit in April...

Look out for the Victory Plum on the East wall in the Walled Garden as this will be in blossom this month and is simply beautiful.

The Delphinium and Paeonia borders are growing well. Both of these need a net over the border to support their growth at this early stage.

You will find Tulips in the large terracotta pots by the barn greenhouse which will be flowering this month. Always a wonderful sign that spring is finally here.

Planting and sowing is currently underway in the vegetable garden with the Cabbages and Broad beans now in the ground. Lettuce and Carrots have been sown, which have now germinated. We’re hoping for a bumper crop in 2019!

The Grapes in the garden are flowering this month. The flowers have to be individually pollenated with a soft brush as there are few insects about to do the magic of turning a flower into tasty fruit. This has been a time-consuming job for the team, but the results will be worth it.

Why come and visit our gardens?
The gardens and grounds at Floors are a delight to explore with your family and friends. Combining one of the country’s finest Victorian kitchen gardens in the spectacular Walled Garden with the formal Millennium Garden, the gardens at Floors are a showpiece of seasonal interest and inspired new creations.
Even if you are new to gardening, there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy. It is always amazing to see how the gardens continuously change throughout the season and there is something new and exciting on show every week. Our stunning Walled Garden is beautifully kept and is open to the public year-round. April is the perfect time to visit, so why not make a day of it, take a wonder and enjoy a spot of lunch in the very heart of the Scottish Borders.

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