The Roxburghe Estates

The Roxburghe Estates covers approximately 52,000 acres of the Borders countryside, ranging from the grassy slopes of the Cheviot Hills and the heather clad moorland of the Lammermuirs to the fertile land of the Tweed valley.

With such a variety of topography, the type of farming carried out over the Estate’s land is equally diverse resulting in a variety of produce, be it prime Scottish beef and lamb, malting barley for the whisky distilleries or oats which form the basis of some of Scotland’s most famous culinary dishes.

The majority of the Estate land is let and therefore the farming is carried out by tenants, some of whose families have farmed the same land for 3 or 4 generations. These businesses have evolved over considerable time and many of the Estate’s tenants are at the forefront of the Scottish agricultural industry.

The Estate does however farm in its own right and has done so since 1721 The Duke is keen to preserve the good stewardship of the Estate and this is reflected in the production of quality produce whilst at the same time conserving and enhancing the natural landscape.

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Roxburghe Estates

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