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Education Day

30th May 2024

Farming was top of the curriculum last week as more than one thousand primary school pupils across the Borders gathered together.

The Fallago Environment Fund was created in 2013 alongside the establishment of the Fallago Rig Windfarm. Roxburghe Estates, in partnership with EDF Renewables, wanted the benefits of the project to extend throughout the Scottish Borders, and the fund was put in place with the specific aim “to enhance the quality of life for local communities and visitors to the Borders through investment in the protection, enhancement and appreciation of the natural, built and cultural heritage of the Scottish Borders environment”. 

The annual fund value is £200,000, and since its inception has been distributed to a wide variety of projects and initiatives across the region, funding, or part funding, amazing projects that add to the rich environment and heritage of the Borders. The Fallago Environment Fund has donated over £1.87 million to 142 projects across the Scottish Borders.  Grants are awarded twice a year, in March and September. 

One event to benefit annually from the Fallago Fund is the Border Union Schools Countryside Education Day, held last week at the Border Union Show Ground in Kelso.  The Duke of Roxburghe was in attendance and said,  

“I am so delighted that the Countryside Schools Day was held again at the Border Union Showground in Kelso. Now in its 11th year, to have 1200 children across the Borders is a huge success story, and an opportunity for children and their teachers to learn about farming, food production and other aspects of rural life.  

To be able to inspire young people, and provide a link between the rural economy and school children so they can see a path towards future employment as well as learning about the food chain, the environment and rural way of life is invaluable.

The Fallago Environment Fund from Roxburghe Estate has been a core funder of the Schools day since its inception and I couldn’t be more delighted to continue to support it”.

The day provides an interactive, out of the classroom, fun, educational event where children can hear, touch, feel and see as many aspects of the countryside around them all within one venue. A truly unique event, the Schools Countryside Education Day is the first and only event of its kind, in Scotland.

Grants are awarded twice a year, in March and September.

Apply for a grant here.