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Happy Shortbread Day from Floors Castle

5th January 2018

Everyone loves a tasty piece of shortbread with a cuppa and this traditional Scottish biscuit is a favourite with many of our customers who visit the Terrace Café.

Dating back to medieval times, shortbread was a luxury that was kept for special occasions. When you think of Scotland, you think of traditional Scottish shortbread and in Shetland in was traditional at weddings to break a shortbread cake over the head of the new bride.

The art of making shortbread originally came from drying out left over bread dough, but now can contain many varieties of flavours.

The Chef to the Duke and Duchess of Roxburghe has given his top tips for making shortbread:

  • Chill the shortbread mixture before baking to stop the biscuits spreading in the oven.
  • Handle the mixture as little as possible to avoid it becoming less light and short.
  • Adding dried lavender to the mixture is a tasty addition, or for a festive twist add cinnamon and clementine zest.
  • When the shortbread comes out the oven its very tempting to taste them straight away as they smell so good. But wait at least five minutes as they can be deceptively hot.

Our award-winning shortbread made in the Floors Castle Kitchen is a delight to have with a cup of tea in the Terrace Café or buy a pack to take home.