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How we look after our Chrysanthemums

5th March 2018

March is still a busy time of the year in the gardens at Floors Castle.

During the winter and early spring much preparation occurs to ensure the gardens look impressive during the summer. One plant that needs more preparation than most are our Chrysanthemums which are used for decoration in the castle when they are flowering.

Back in February the gardeners spent time taking cuttings from Chrysanthemums, as they need a long growing season. They are currently nestled in toasty glasshouses within the Walled Garden and will be re-potted soon as their roots out grow their current location.

The Chrysanthemums spend the summer ‘sunbathing’, it is important they receive as much light as possible so they are moved outside during the summer months. They are then placed back into the glasshouse in late September before the first frost and then are used to decorate the castle in October, November and December.

The pointer to remember with Chrysanthemum is that they will only flower when daylight hours are decreasing.

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