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Friday 19th of July

Kelso Civic Week Ride and Cycle to Floors Castle

As part of Kelso Civic Week, the Kelso Laddie and the cavalcade have been invited by His Grace The Duke of Roxburghe to ride to Floors Castle.

Kelso Civic Week Ride and Cycle to Floors Castle

Event in 2 months

The Kelso Laddie and the cavalcade have been invited by His Grace The Duke of Roxburghe to ride to Floors Castle during Civic Week.  The ride will leave from Woodside Park at 4.00pm and proceed via The Square, Roxburgh Street ​and Floors Main Gate, to arrive at Floors Castle.

On arrival at Floors, the Laddie and his followers will be welcomed and entertained by ​His Grace the Duke of Roxburghe or representative.

Horse Judging
(Conveners: Ex Laddie Eric Paxton & Ms Susan McKay.)

After the reception the judging of entrants for the Best Horse, Pony and Turnout Competition takes place
when the overall winner is presented with the Michael Pinder Cup.
Judging by Lucy Forrest

  1. Under 5 Years

  2. Under 7 Years

  3. Under 9 Years

  4. Under 11 Years

  5. Under 13 Years

  6. Under 16 Years

  7. 16 Years and Over

​ Leaving Floors, the cavalcade will return via Roxburgh Street, arriving in The Square at 7.30 p.m. approx.

Lost child point at Floors is: Speaker van at show ring in field


A fun cycle ride of approximately 5 miles will also take place along with the horse rideout ​leaving Woodside Park at 4.00pm. and follow the horses as they make their way to Floors Castle. The route will be via Edenside Road, Horsemarket, The Square, Roxburgh Street and through the gates to the estate. The cyclists split from the horses once they reach the castle and take a leisurely ride through the grounds of the estate via the garden centre and follow a track to come round the front of the castle and onto the end of the cycle ride, ​usually around 6.00pm. The end of the cycle ride is inside the gate of the field where the horse events take place.

Refreshments will be provided at this point.

All children under 14 years of age should be accompanied by an adult and all riders must wear suitable approved cycling headgear.

Any cyclist who doesn’t wear an approved cycling helmet will be asked to leave the ride.  Sadly we have reluctantly had to do this in the past but safety will be strictly adhered to.
​All those taking part must pay attention to instructions from marshals. Parents should also ensure a responsible person is on hand to meet their child at the end of the cycle ride in the grounds of Floors Castle.

All those taking part should ensure their bikes are roadworthy and fit for the route and carry a basic repair kit and their own refreshments for the route.   
Please note that road racing bikes are not suitable for this event as there is a lengthy section over rough track.

If anyone wishes to volunteer as a cycling marshal for the Floors ride it would be greatly appreciated. If you can help out please contact Colin Dumma on 07772 862544.

Important Notice
All unaccompanied children under 16 yrs old taking part on horse or bike MUST wear a wristband (Supplied) with a contact phone number in case of an emergency of any kind. (Wristbands will be issued prior to the event at Woodside)

​Lost child point is: Speaker van or marshal with 2-way radio

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Friday 19th of July

Event ran by Kelso Civic Week

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